River safari

My mom wanted to bring the boys out and we had to decide on a place of interest.  It was either a musuem or zoo/river safari. My mom is more keen on the zoo so it was decided then. When we were there, I was pleased to find out that I only have to fork out $37.50 for River Safari tickets! There’s currently an amex credit card promotion of 1 paying adult for 1 free child ticket. Plus my mom gets her senior citizen discount. All in all, a good deal. 😉

The River safari, well, has more fishes than animals. Good for us is that the fishes are almost all different from the salt water species at the S.E.A aqaurium which we visited earlier in the week. Demystifying… woah… lolx.

Essentially, RS is build around the banks of the Mandai reservoir which is a big pond at its best and which brings me to the mind of Jurong Lake. Ha…. there is no lake in Singapore.  What a joke. The island on Lake Toba is bigger than Singapore… Ok. I get carried way. While RS is not exactly big, smaller than the zoological garden, it is sheltered for most parts and several strong aircon spots. It’s a nice option for sweltering hot weather and even rainy weather. A nice touch is as we walked into some aircon spots, we are enveloped in citronella scent as a measure to ward off mozzies.

Everyone seems to be excited by the pandas who really are just sitting there and eat and eat. I say the best attraction gotta be the big tank with manatees or the sea cows. Sitting in a dark room with soft ambience music and manatees swimming gracefully…. Unaware of time passed by…. I don’t think I will ever get tired of this view. 🙂

We’ll probably return when the amazon river section is completed and when the crowd dies down, or I’ll wait for some promotion. The eventual entrance fee for 1 adult is $35! I’ll say this. Make the entrance fees more affordable, not just for family with young children but for people across all age.




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