Another visit to S.E.A aquarium

The boys and I had visited the aquarium when it was newly opened. We visited today agian with A1 (that’s daddy-O or the husband) and some friends today.Ā  Didn’t know that A1 had never visited any aquarium before, so at least the fact had justified the steep entrance fee.

I say it again and again. The entrance fee is not cheap. We paid for 2 adults and 1 child, as A4 is exempted. Plus the parking, we had already spent $100! No wonder they say Singapore is expensive. Out of the countries I visited recently (Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwan), sightseeing in my own country is the most expensive. šŸ˜¦ I do believe if the entrance fees is lowered, visitorship will go up. Also, the annual membership scheme has stopped. Bummer…

What’s new for me is the dolphins. While I delighted in seeing the dolphins swimming gracefully, I’m somewhat appalled with their habitat, coz it doesn’t look very pleasant to me. šŸ˜

The kids played very well together and we had an illegal picnic infront of the ocean dome. šŸ˜€ We actually brought our own food and drink to have lunch. I even harboured the thought of napping on the bean bags… alas the bean bags are gone. We didn’t know that outside food is disallowed in the aquarium…. but that means the food purchased in the aquarium is allowed. Hiaks!





4 responses to “Another visit to S.E.A aquarium

  1. Haha, I call my husband Daddy-O too!

  2. I have not been yet! But I’ll keep in mind the picnic idea, hee!

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