Kids-friendly pasta salad for a picnic

In this family, we all eat almost the same food which means no spicy dish as A4 does not take spicy food yet. Hence, I always try out different recipes that all would enjoy. We were planning for a picnic on national day and I made the following:

1. Oven grilled salmon fillet with mentai mayo dressing
2. Vitamin-infused water- strawberry, lime and mint
3. Kids-friendly ham, edamame and cheese pasta salad

Gonna share the salad recipe today as my kids love it. For A3 who doesn’t like cheese, he just pick it out. The good thing came out of it for me is both kids like edamame after this when previously they didn’t.

Kids-friendly pasta salad
(Makes 6)

200gm of organic macaroni
7 slices of mini honey baked ham, diced into 1cm slices
100gm of gouda cheese, diced into 1cm cubes
1 cup of edamame, shelled
Olive oil
Pinch of rock salt
Coarse black pepper

1. Boiled the edamae with shells as per instruction.  Rinse with cold water to stop cooking process.
2. Cook pasata as per instruction.
3. Dice or slice the ham and cheese if you haven’t.
4. Drain pasta. Add edamame, ham and cheese.
5. Add salt and pepper for taste. Don’t over salt the salad as gouda cheese is slightly sharp n salty.
5. Drizzle the salad with olive oil and give the salad a toss to ensure there’s enough olive oil.
Another fuss-free dish for the family! This salad is delicious to eat either warm or cold. Not complicated on the taste bud as I had paired it with the salmon dish which was heavier. I think I will make this regularly for the boys’ lunch. 🙂

Some other combinations to try out, like  chicken or fish either poached or grilled. Feta cheese, eggs or avocado. Noms away!

Oh yes, the picnic. The weather was fabulous for Singapore’s national day which the rumour was it almost never rained on national day. We braved it out despite the overcasted sky. My boys first had good water play fun with a friend’s son. Then we proceeded to the top of the barrage where we laid out the mats and to have our dinner. Everyone was hungry and we finished our dinner in less than 30mins….

Luckily we had the apache helicopters and fighter jets to keep us entertained. The finale of the night was the fireworks which everyone liked. Overall, an enjoyable and fabulous time we had. Gonna have another picnic again soon!



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