Fuss-free baking

We rested for a day after the short weekend break and by the next day kids were roaring to get out of the house. So off to running errands with them along!

I have heard about ToTT and its Bake and go  section for kids to bake cookies. So why can’t I do it at home for the kids? Yes, I can when I have more energy to clean up. Yes, after I gather the essential ingredients…. Yes but… just for the fun of it! The bake and go is fuss-free for mummy and excellent for my kids who don’t have the concept yet about how much work their mummy does behind the scene for every activity. 😉 Ha….

So the baking section has everything ready from ready-made cookie dough to heated oven. The entire process is well-oiled (pun intended) down to the oily hands of my kids.

We first selected a flavour and a free topping. Then the lovely Thai assistant led my kids to the working table and helped them with hidden steps and stool to be at a comfortable level to the table. She also helped my kids to put on gloves n apron (just 1) and then passed them the cookie cutters. My mummy duty is to ensure that the kids flattened the dough evenly and to use the cookie cutters in order or take turns. 😉

Then the assistant helped us to pop the tray into the waiting oven. She told us to collect the cookies in 25mins’ time. In the meanwhile, I took the kids to a play corner and even managed to sit them down at the bistro so that I can order some food. Oh! And I didn’t have to do any wash-ups!

My kids are happy with the cookies and have been requesting to eat them. A3 offered a heart-shaped cookie to me coz “you are so sweet, mummy.” 🙂  Overall, a pleasant experience for us.


*I am not paid for any of my review. I just like reviewing my experiences.


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