Holiday… in full steam

Holiday…. everyday feels like the weekend.

My kids sure have been having fun. They have 3 play dates since… yesterday! Mummy here merely had a quick breakfast date. Our days are packed. Kids are tired and just can’t pass on any fun. So I’m actually glad that our playdate tomorrow is called off!

What we have been doing and maybe ideas for you…
1. Ikea Tampines. The older children can play in its playground while the younglings can play in the newly renovated cafe. The carousel play area is no longer there and in another corner is an array of kitchen sets fully equipped, trains and rocking horse. The kids and their friends had a blast.

2. Indoor play date. We wanted to go for some swimming, yet it rained and spoilt the plan.  Hence our friend detoured to our place instead.

3. Lego fun at Raffles city. There’s an ongoing Lego fair on the 3rd floor with Duplo, Lego and even Lego friends set for play. Our kids spent hours there. Sure there are Lego sets on sale… your usual 20% discount. Not too big a deal if u ask me!

Ok signing off. I’m losing steam. Hopefully can fully recharge my batteries tonight!



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