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River safari

My mom wanted to bring the boys out and we had to decide on a place of interest.Β  It was either a musuem or zoo/river safari. My mom is more keen on the zoo so it was decided then. When we were there, I was pleased to find out that I only have to fork out $37.50 for River Safari tickets! There’s currently an amex credit card promotion of 1 paying adult for 1 free child ticket. Plus my mom gets her senior citizen discount. All in all, a good deal. πŸ˜‰

The River safari, well, has more fishes than animals. Good for us is that the fishes are almost all different from the salt water species at the S.E.A aqaurium which we visited earlier in the week. Demystifying… woah… lolx.

Essentially, RS is build around the banks of the Mandai reservoir which is a big pond at its best and which brings me to the mind of Jurong Lake. Ha…. there is no lake in Singapore.Β  What a joke. The island on Lake Toba is bigger than Singapore… Ok. I get carried way. While RS is not exactly big, smaller than the zoological garden, it is sheltered for most parts and several strong aircon spots. It’s a nice option for sweltering hot weather and even rainy weather. A nice touch is as we walked into some aircon spots, we are enveloped in citronella scent as a measure to ward off mozzies.

Everyone seems to be excited by the pandas who really are just sitting there and eat and eat. I say the best attraction gotta be the big tank with manatees or the sea cows. Sitting in a dark room with soft ambience music and manatees swimming gracefully…. Unaware of time passed by…. I don’t think I will ever get tired of this view. πŸ™‚

We’ll probably return when the amazon river section is completed and when the crowd dies down, or I’ll wait for some promotion. The eventual entrance fee for 1 adult is $35! I’ll say this. Make the entrance fees more affordable, not just for family with young children but for people across all age.




Art garden

It looks like just about everyone has been to the art garden at the Singapore art museum. Its our 3rd annual visit and I say the exihibits are better and more interesting than our first visit.

Cost wise… Entrance fee is free for us. There is one kaleidoscope craft kit which is sold for $2 at the “Around the world in 80 days”. It was ok and perhaps more suitable for primary school children. Personally I like the exihibits even the eerie Les rΓͺves engloutis – Glossy Dreams in Depths which teaches the children to understand what looks scary, can have a good side to it and not so scary afterall.

For the kids, the short animation clips garnered their biggest interest. Their fave gotta be the super feline clip.

Another thing is, as we were there early, I managed to park at front of SAM for free. Parking around the musuem is expensive as it’s in the city centre.

So would we visit again? Yes for sure!




Photos by my friend, MN.

Another visit to S.E.A aquarium

The boys and I had visited the aquarium when it was newly opened. We visited today agian with A1 (that’s daddy-O or the husband) and some friends today.Β  Didn’t know that A1 had never visited any aquarium before, so at least the fact had justified the steep entrance fee.

I say it again and again. The entrance fee is not cheap. We paid for 2 adults and 1 child, as A4 is exempted. Plus the parking, we had already spent $100! No wonder they say Singapore is expensive. Out of the countries I visited recently (Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwan), sightseeing in my own country is the most expensive. 😦 I do believe if the entrance fees is lowered, visitorship will go up. Also, the annual membership scheme has stopped. Bummer…

What’s new for me is the dolphins. While I delighted in seeing the dolphins swimming gracefully, I’m somewhat appalled with their habitat, coz it doesn’t look very pleasant to me. 😐

The kids played very well together and we had an illegal picnic infront of the ocean dome. πŸ˜€ We actually brought our own food and drink to have lunch. I even harboured the thought of napping on the bean bags… alas the bean bags are gone. We didn’t know that outside food is disallowed in the aquarium…. but that means the food purchased in the aquarium is allowed. Hiaks!




Fuss-free baking

We rested for a day after the short weekend break and by the next day kids were roaring to get out of the house. So off to running errands with them along!

I have heard about ToTT and its Bake and goΒ  section for kids to bake cookies. So why can’t I do it at home for the kids? Yes, I can when I have more energy to clean up. Yes, after I gather the essential ingredients…. Yes but… just for the fun of it! The bake and go is fuss-free for mummy and excellent for my kids who don’t have the concept yet about how much work their mummy does behind the scene for every activity. πŸ˜‰ Ha….

So the baking section has everything ready from ready-made cookie dough to heated oven. The entire process is well-oiled (pun intended) down to the oily hands of my kids.

We first selected a flavour and a free topping. Then the lovely Thai assistant led my kids to the working table and helped them with hidden steps and stool to be at a comfortable level to the table. She also helped my kids to put on gloves n apron (just 1) and then passed them the cookie cutters. My mummy duty is to ensure that the kids flattened the dough evenly and to use the cookie cutters in order or take turns. πŸ˜‰

Then the assistant helped us to pop the tray into the waiting oven. She told us to collect the cookies in 25mins’ time. In the meanwhile, I took the kids to a play corner and even managed to sit them down at the bistro so that I can order some food. Oh! And I didn’t have to do any wash-ups!

My kids are happy with the cookies and have been requesting to eat them. A3 offered a heart-shaped cookie to me coz “you are so sweet, mummy.” πŸ™‚Β  Overall, a pleasant experience for us.


*I am not paid for any of my review. I just like reviewing my experiences.

Day 2 & 3 Port Dickson

We wanted to have a relaxed time for this holiday.Β  Port Dickson is perfect for this purpose.Β  It’s a beach town with not too many sightseeing points, in fact just one which is the army musuem. Shopping is in the next town, or touted to be a city soon, Seremban and it’s 45mins away. Food wise, not much selections too. For us, it was just nice and fit into the idea of a getaway for a family of four. We pretty much just swam, slept and ate!

We drove out of the resort to find a lunch spot.Β  I noticed a coffee shop as we drove past it and told my husband to turn into the car park. It proved my instinct correct. Cheap and good roast meats that the family enjoyed. What good luck this is! It also beats many of the roast meat stalls in SG hawker centers. Our lunch with drinks costed us RM30 which is less than S$13. *thumbs up


Kedai Kopi Leong Ji (address KIV) about 5 mins drive from Grand Lexis.

After lunch, we were on our way to a local supermarket and happened to see an area cornered for fun fair. Naturally we must check it out in the evening. What we didnt know was the fun fair had been there for a month and will be closed soon.

Little did we also know that there’s also a monthly pasar malam nearby. What luck! I do love chancing upon such events!

As for our dinner (I always have to blog about what I eat), we ate at the seaview seafood restaurant. The food is alright but pricey (less than the Japanese restaurant)… After talking to a local then we found out that it’s a restaurant that caters mainly to tourists… oh well,Β  there’s not much food blogs about Port Dickson that could recommend us other options.



*insert a loud bang of cymbals*

So the holiday has begun! Officially the June school holidays will start tomorrow but my kids’ school used the last 2 days for parent teacher meeting.

Overall, they did ok for school. A4’s chinese teacher thinks that he has improved leaps n bounds. A4 is a year-end baby and when he started school, he could barely speak, let alone listening to the teacher’s instruction. Now he is speaking more words, especially Chinese albeit curiously to me. As for A3, I had asked the teacher to observe whether he is showing signs of dyslexia and I’m happy to say that she don’t think that he is. The teachers also suggested what we can help them to achieve during the hols. We left the PTM thinking that we I have a lot to do!

As in accordance with my style, I like to commemorate the start of the hols with an activity. We went for a play! Tiddler!

The play was by far the best among the few plays we watched recently. This was a combination of 4 stories by Julia Donaldson, one of our favourite author. The props seemed simple but each served a few functions. Clever and imaginative! The farm animals were made from pillow, cushion and even a bolster. So very cute. My personal favorite was the shadow play of Tidder the fish, his adventure in the deep sea. It’s on till this weekend, so catch it if you can.



Hi there, it’s the school holidays soon again and I will revitalise (not revive) this blog. Coming up… DIY toys with the boys and a road trip to Malaysia. Summer, get ready for us!


A3 who is now 5y2m, attempted a drawing with speech bubbles!