Ham and egg in a toast cup

Made ham and egg in a toast cup for our breakfast this morning. I have been planning to make this for a while and it was raining this morning thus I put together what I had in the fridge. My recipes are mostly adapted and improvised and this was adapted from a Martha Stewart recipe. It’s really easy to prepare and a dish that kids can help out. Washing up can be minimised too! 😀

I made 4 toast cups but it wasn’t enough for hb and me. On the hindsight, 2 would be better for adult. ;D


Ham and egg in a toast cup
(Makes 4 portions)

4 slices of multi-grain bread
4 slices of mini honey baked ham
4 eggs
Olive oil
Coarse black pepper
Sea salt (I omitted coz ham is savoury)
Organic parsley flakes for garnishing

You also need a muffin tray or 4 paper muffin cups.

1. Turn on the oven and set the temperature at 190c.
1. Flatten the bread with the bottom of a pan. I find pressing the pan down on the bread works better than banging on it. ; )
2. Hand-tear or use a knife to cut a slit on both sides of the bread slice at the middle. This is to fit the bread into the muffin tray.
3. Place 1 bread slice into a cup of the muffin tray. Overlap the sides to form the shape of a cup.
4. Brush some olive oil on the bread. If not, do what I do in the next step.
5. Drip a few drops of olive oil on the underside of a ham slice. Place it on the bread cup and give it a swirl.
6. Crack an egg on top of the ham and bread cup.
7. Add some pepper on top and pop the tray into the oven for 20-25mins, depending on desired texture of egg.

I have already planned what to try out next. Gonna grate some cheese on top of the ham for some goody gooey yums! Instead of bread, there’s alternative like tomato and capsicum cup. Instead of ham, can try bacon slice or mushrooms. Noms away. The possibility is endless! 🙂


One response to “Ham and egg in a toast cup

  1. Thanks for recommending this recipe! Just discovered your blog and it’s really amazing! How do I get updates from your blog? =)

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