About this blog

I am a SAHM with my sons A3 and A4.

This blog is about our daily lives. I am into cooking and organic ingredients. I love creating new recipes for my sons who love new taste (well, almost). I think out loud here about how I can interact and teach my sons through daily activities and games with a hope that they can be more than what my husband and I will ever be. I also will like to embark on some craft projects to decorate the home. I like my household to be organised and keep the dust bunnies at bay, but being an undisputed key member in the alumni of underachieved perfectionists! I also have a passion for environment conservation and try my best to be green. As you can tell, with so many things to juggle, I am just all over the place!

Living on a single income is a challenge, so this is also my journey to be a cost conscious homemaker. Read on if you like. Please excuse my grammar bcoz I am stronger in Chinese than English. Please feel free to comment if you find anything interesting here. I will love to hear from you. :)


5 responses to “About this blog

  1. Congrats on your new blog.

    I will add your blog to mine ok?

  2. Hi, got linked here from Bottoms Up. Can I add your blog to mine?

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