Holiday… in full steam

Holiday…. everyday feels like the weekend.

My kids sure have been having fun. They have 3 play dates since… yesterday! Mummy here merely had a quick breakfast date. Our days are packed. Kids are tired and just can’t pass on any fun. So I’m actually glad that our playdate tomorrow is called off!

What we have been doing and maybe ideas for you…
1. Ikea Tampines. The older children can play in its playground while the younglings can play in the newly renovated cafe. The carousel play area is no longer there and in another corner is an array of kitchen sets fully equipped, trains and rocking horse. The kids and their friends had a blast.

2. Indoor play date. We wanted to go for some swimming, yet it rained and spoilt the plan.  Hence our friend detoured to our place instead.

3. Lego fun at Raffles city. There’s an ongoing Lego fair on the 3rd floor with Duplo, Lego and even Lego friends set for play. Our kids spent hours there. Sure there are Lego sets on sale… your usual 20% discount. Not too big a deal if u ask me!

Ok signing off. I’m losing steam. Hopefully can fully recharge my batteries tonight!



Fuss-free baking

We rested for a day after the short weekend break and by the next day kids were roaring to get out of the house. So off to running errands with them along!

I have heard about ToTT and its Bake and go  section for kids to bake cookies. So why can’t I do it at home for the kids? Yes, I can when I have more energy to clean up. Yes, after I gather the essential ingredients…. Yes but… just for the fun of it! The bake and go is fuss-free for mummy and excellent for my kids who don’t have the concept yet about how much work their mummy does behind the scene for every activity. 😉 Ha….

So the baking section has everything ready from ready-made cookie dough to heated oven. The entire process is well-oiled (pun intended) down to the oily hands of my kids.

We first selected a flavour and a free topping. Then the lovely Thai assistant led my kids to the working table and helped them with hidden steps and stool to be at a comfortable level to the table. She also helped my kids to put on gloves n apron (just 1) and then passed them the cookie cutters. My mummy duty is to ensure that the kids flattened the dough evenly and to use the cookie cutters in order or take turns. 😉

Then the assistant helped us to pop the tray into the waiting oven. She told us to collect the cookies in 25mins’ time. In the meanwhile, I took the kids to a play corner and even managed to sit them down at the bistro so that I can order some food. Oh! And I didn’t have to do any wash-ups!

My kids are happy with the cookies and have been requesting to eat them. A3 offered a heart-shaped cookie to me coz “you are so sweet, mummy.” 🙂  Overall, a pleasant experience for us.


*I am not paid for any of my review. I just like reviewing my experiences.

Day 2 & 3 Port Dickson

We wanted to have a relaxed time for this holiday.  Port Dickson is perfect for this purpose.  It’s a beach town with not too many sightseeing points, in fact just one which is the army musuem. Shopping is in the next town, or touted to be a city soon, Seremban and it’s 45mins away. Food wise, not much selections too. For us, it was just nice and fit into the idea of a getaway for a family of four. We pretty much just swam, slept and ate!

We drove out of the resort to find a lunch spot.  I noticed a coffee shop as we drove past it and told my husband to turn into the car park. It proved my instinct correct. Cheap and good roast meats that the family enjoyed. What good luck this is! It also beats many of the roast meat stalls in SG hawker centers. Our lunch with drinks costed us RM30 which is less than S$13. *thumbs up


Kedai Kopi Leong Ji (address KIV) about 5 mins drive from Grand Lexis.

After lunch, we were on our way to a local supermarket and happened to see an area cornered for fun fair. Naturally we must check it out in the evening. What we didnt know was the fun fair had been there for a month and will be closed soon.

Little did we also know that there’s also a monthly pasar malam nearby. What luck! I do love chancing upon such events!

As for our dinner (I always have to blog about what I eat), we ate at the seaview seafood restaurant. The food is alright but pricey (less than the Japanese restaurant)… After talking to a local then we found out that it’s a restaurant that caters mainly to tourists… oh well,  there’s not much food blogs about Port Dickson that could recommend us other options.


Day 1 Legoland and Port Dickson

The 4 of us left on a short holiday over the weekend which was actually a postponed trip. As 2 weeks ago, the kids were down with viral fever. Thankfully we had postponed the trip otherwise the kids wouldn’t enjoy the facilities.


This is our second trip to Port Dickson.  Our first trip was just last September and we had a fabulous time staying at Avillion waterfront chalets. I will do a post on Avillion later. PD is not exactly a hot holiday destination but hopefully my posts will help whoever is planning a trip.

We left Singapore and entered Malaysia through the Tuas link. Going to Legoland is a breeze and took about 15mins after the checkpoints and just watched out exit 312. Just don’t miss the turn after the exit like we did. ; )

Heard many tales about long queues at Legoland during the Malaysia school holidays.  It wasn’t so bad when we were there but the hot weather put off even A3 who’s ever so enthusiastic about playing. Glad we have the annual pass and we’ll come back another time.

After Legoland, we drove straight up to PD which took us about 4hrs. On the way back and if it wasn’t for slight jams at the customs, we could have made it home in under 4hr.

We opted for garden villa at the Grand Lexis resort which has its own little pool. What I didnt know is in every room, including the 2 storeys water chalets (different units) has their own pool too.

The boys were delighted with their own pool and preferred to swim in it rather than the resort’s big pool with slide.

For dinner, we ate at the overpriced Japanese restaurant at the resort coz its been quite a day. The food was rather good, but overpriced in my opinion. That’s me… I would rather eat what the locals eat.

End of day 1.


*insert a loud bang of cymbals*

So the holiday has begun! Officially the June school holidays will start tomorrow but my kids’ school used the last 2 days for parent teacher meeting.

Overall, they did ok for school. A4’s chinese teacher thinks that he has improved leaps n bounds. A4 is a year-end baby and when he started school, he could barely speak, let alone listening to the teacher’s instruction. Now he is speaking more words, especially Chinese albeit curiously to me. As for A3, I had asked the teacher to observe whether he is showing signs of dyslexia and I’m happy to say that she don’t think that he is. The teachers also suggested what we can help them to achieve during the hols. We left the PTM thinking that we I have a lot to do!

As in accordance with my style, I like to commemorate the start of the hols with an activity. We went for a play! Tiddler!

The play was by far the best among the few plays we watched recently. This was a combination of 4 stories by Julia Donaldson, one of our favourite author. The props seemed simple but each served a few functions. Clever and imaginative! The farm animals were made from pillow, cushion and even a bolster. So very cute. My personal favorite was the shadow play of Tidder the fish, his adventure in the deep sea. It’s on till this weekend, so catch it if you can.



Hi there, it’s the school holidays soon again and I will revitalise (not revive) this blog. Coming up… DIY toys with the boys and a road trip to Malaysia. Summer, get ready for us!


A3 who is now 5y2m, attempted a drawing with speech bubbles!

Bangkok- Day 6 Lo tak

It has come to the last day of my BKK trip. I only had pockets of time here and there, but nonetheless I spent it happily on a windy day. #etchedinmemory

The top priority was to visit… Lo Tak! Tesco Lotus at On nut (on nu-t). The locals pronounced it as Lo Tak. Lol. Amusing n cute to me.

I always loved visiting local supermarket in a foreign country. Love to see what’s available and on sale! Lol. In Bangkok, I found out about these bargains: dried herbs for cooking, local snacks such as seaweed n pork floss in smaller packaging, local flavour instant noodles and of course various cooking pastes like tom yum and Massan curry. Thailand fresh milk is yummy too!

Tesco Lotus On nut branch is just beside the BTS station so it’s 100% convenient! There’s a food court where the food all looks delicious but I was still too full from breakfast to have elevenses.



Fish sauce for 15B!
Lego look alike!
Angry bird bag. Good to stash all the grocery in it!
Children wear in various figures

Angry bird snacks for 9B!
Seaweed snack for 39B!
Individual packed Nissin instant noodles. Same flavours as what I found in Hong Kong but not Taiwan, Malaysia n Singapore. Whyyyy?!
Fresh sea produce!

After the supermarket run, I had to go back to hotel to pack and then check out. After which I went to Terminal 21 for a quick lunch. Oh my, that was truly a happy lunch! Everything under 100B and so yummilicous!



Last but not least, I took a cab to the airport for about 300B.

The purpose of this trip recount no doubt is to relate my experiences and hopefully it can help others to plan a meaningful itinerary and have some insight on money saving tips.

It was fun doing this. Thank for reading! Maybe I will blog about my Hong Kong trip in Oct 2012. 😉