Day 1 Legoland and Port Dickson

The 4 of us left on a short holiday over the weekend which was actually a postponed trip. As 2 weeks ago, the kids were down with viral fever. Thankfully we had postponed the trip otherwise the kids wouldn’t enjoy the facilities.


This is our second trip to Port Dickson.  Our first trip was just last September and we had a fabulous time staying at Avillion waterfront chalets. I will do a post on Avillion later. PD is not exactly a hot holiday destination but hopefully my posts will help whoever is planning a trip.

We left Singapore and entered Malaysia through the Tuas link. Going to Legoland is a breeze and took about 15mins after the checkpoints and just watched out exit 312. Just don’t miss the turn after the exit like we did. ; )

Heard many tales about long queues at Legoland during the Malaysia school holidays.  It wasn’t so bad when we were there but the hot weather put off even A3 who’s ever so enthusiastic about playing. Glad we have the annual pass and we’ll come back another time.

After Legoland, we drove straight up to PD which took us about 4hrs. On the way back and if it wasn’t for slight jams at the customs, we could have made it home in under 4hr.

We opted for garden villa at the Grand Lexis resort which has its own little pool. What I didnt know is in every room, including the 2 storeys water chalets (different units) has their own pool too.

The boys were delighted with their own pool and preferred to swim in it rather than the resort’s big pool with slide.

For dinner, we ate at the overpriced Japanese restaurant at the resort coz its been quite a day. The food was rather good, but overpriced in my opinion. That’s me… I would rather eat what the locals eat.

End of day 1.


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