*insert a loud bang of cymbals*

So the holiday has begun! Officially the June school holidays will start tomorrow but my kids’ school used the last 2 days for parent teacher meeting.

Overall, they did ok for school. A4’s chinese teacher thinks that he has improved leaps n bounds. A4 is a year-end baby and when he started school, he could barely speak, let alone listening to the teacher’s instruction. Now he is speaking more words, especially Chinese albeit curiously to me. As for A3, I had asked the teacher to observe whether he is showing signs of dyslexia and I’m happy to say that she don’t think that he is. The teachers also suggested what we can help them to achieve during the hols. We left the PTM thinking that we I have a lot to do!

As in accordance with my style, I like to commemorate the start of the hols with an activity. We went for a play! Tiddler!

The play was by far the best among the few plays we watched recently. This was a combination of 4 stories by Julia Donaldson, one of our favourite author. The props seemed simple but each served a few functions. Clever and imaginative! The farm animals were made from pillow, cushion and even a bolster. So very cute. My personal favorite was the shadow play of Tidder the fish, his adventure in the deep sea. It’s on till this weekend, so catch it if you can.



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