Bangkok- Day 6 Lo tak

It has come to the last day of my BKK trip. I only had pockets of time here and there, but nonetheless I spent it happily on a windy day. #etchedinmemory

The top priority was to visit… Lo Tak! Tesco Lotus at On nut (on nu-t). The locals pronounced it as Lo Tak. Lol. Amusing n cute to me.

I always loved visiting local supermarket in a foreign country. Love to see what’s available and on sale! Lol. In Bangkok, I found out about these bargains: dried herbs for cooking, local snacks such as seaweed n pork floss in smaller packaging, local flavour instant noodles and of course various cooking pastes like tom yum and Massan curry. Thailand fresh milk is yummy too!

Tesco Lotus On nut branch is just beside the BTS station so it’s 100% convenient! There’s a food court where the food all looks delicious but I was still too full from breakfast to have elevenses.



Fish sauce for 15B!
Lego look alike!
Angry bird bag. Good to stash all the grocery in it!
Children wear in various figures

Angry bird snacks for 9B!
Seaweed snack for 39B!
Individual packed Nissin instant noodles. Same flavours as what I found in Hong Kong but not Taiwan, Malaysia n Singapore. Whyyyy?!
Fresh sea produce!

After the supermarket run, I had to go back to hotel to pack and then check out. After which I went to Terminal 21 for a quick lunch. Oh my, that was truly a happy lunch! Everything under 100B and so yummilicous!



Last but not least, I took a cab to the airport for about 300B.

The purpose of this trip recount no doubt is to relate my experiences and hopefully it can help others to plan a meaningful itinerary and have some insight on money saving tips.

It was fun doing this. Thank for reading! Maybe I will blog about my Hong Kong trip in Oct 2012. 😉



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