Bangkok- Day 5 Asiatique

Day 5. The second last day of my trip. By now I have grown accustomed to the city of angel and I’m beginning to think it would be nice to retire in Thailand. The idea is something that i have toyed with in the past, so shall see how it goes.

MBK is an absolute visit in BKK. Both the tourists and locals love this mall. A departmental store, Tokyu, countless of beauty salons for facial and eyelash perming, foot massage parlours, and restaurants after restaurants. Personally I would recommend:
1. Get your Thai sim card or 3G surfing sorted. (I had mine sorted out at the airport on day 1.)
2. Champ on the 4th floor near an escalator for local snacks
3. For pedicures or manicures
4. Trying of food/snack if street food infused with exhaust fumes put you off ;p
5. Foot massages
6. Thai beauty treatment
7. Shoes, bags, tees. Might as well shop in MBK’s air-conditioned comfort!

What not to do:
1. 100b of mango with sticky rice at the food court. Seriously overpriced
2. Buying counterfeit goods
3. Looking for solace in a corner in this mall

I had pedicure and hair wash done at a big salon near Power Buy on the 4th or 5th floor. Had my lunch at the food court. Window shopped for a while (nothing much for me to buy) and…

Hoped on to Siam Paragon, hoping to escape the crowd and have a tea break. Siam Paragon is just as crowded! Never again I will complain about Singapore’s crowd. Haha…

After a good rest, I took the BTS to Saphan Thaksin to catch the free ferry at the pier to Asiatique night market.

I love, love Asiatique! The area the market is occupying seemed big and well planned. A lot of vendors were from Suan Lum night bazaar which I liked for the variety. The Thais are well know for their creativity and for me, Suan Lum and now Asiatique is the epitome! I love the romantic atmosphere that the place exudes! A must visit!






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