Bangkok- Day 4 Marketing

On Day 4, I visited 3 markets! Yes, 3! U wondered where did my energy come from? Haha.

I found out about the “Thai airway” market aka lung perm market. It’s a market that caters to mainly locals and situated somewhere behind the Thai Airway building and how the name came from. To get to the market, I took the MRT to Phahol Yothin station, a station before Chatuchak station, took exit
5 then took a short cab ride to the market. Soi 22 is before Thai airway building, so watch out for it!


I spent 3,4 hrs there leisurely including lunch. Let’s talk about lunch first. There’s a small food center as part of the market. All the food looked pretty good. I ordered a pig trotter and intestine(!) rice which was very good. The pig trotter was well seasoned but not overly and it just melts in the mouth! The intestine is something I seldom eat back home, so i just gotta try it and it was well prepared. No porky smell about it. Thumbs up.



The market is quite small but there are interesting shops in it. Comfy looking shoes that also look well made for 250B. There’s a corner shop called Bam Bam at soi 7 (see photo) that sells children clothes from factory over runs. The market is not crowded so it’s a respite from the crowd at Chatuchak market.

I was planning to head back to hotel to rest and skipped Chatuchak crowd. Took a cab to go to the MRT but the driver sent me to Chatuchak which was a stone throw away! Cab far was about 60B.

What I like about Chatuchak is a actually the neighbouring market, JJ market which sells mostly household items, like paintings, aromatherapy stuff and housewares. At JJ it is less crowded and less hot.

The last market that I visited was Suan Lum night bazaar. Wait?! What?! I was there and then only discovered that it has closed down for over a year. Big sigh. I have checked with the hotel and MRT staff but none told me that it was closed. Sad… Not. Then I visited Central Chitlom and had one of my fave food there, tom yum river prawn with vermicelli! Yums! It’s a dish that I have to eat each time I’m in BKK. So from 85B… And now the price at 160B. The global inflation is bad!

I had visited another market the next night, but that’s for another post. 😉


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