Bangkok- Day 3 Central World Plaza

Day 3 started rather late but isn’t this the essence of holidaying? I chosen to visit Central World Plaza, which is my favorite mall in BKK.


The mall is about 10mins walk from Chitlom BTS via the walkway. If you only have time to visit one mall, this mall offers everything u need under one roof. πŸ™‚


CWP is so big that it house Zen and Isetan on either ends. Like I didn’t manage to cover the mall despite spending whole day there. In the end I was too tired and almost ran out of cash and phone battery to continue. Lol.


I shall mention about my meals in CWP. There is always a food court in any mall. In some malls, there could be more than one. CWP has such a big selection of cafes and restaurants, given the sheer size and the crowd. I was there on a week day but it was crowded throughout and peaked towards end of the day that it certainly didn’t feel like a weekday to me!

I lunched at Momo Paradise which offers an irresistible shabu shabu buffet lunch deal at 359B. The add-ons such as drinks or eggs come at additional cost but just the shabu shabu and drinks will suffice. There is a lovely salad bar which serves fresh vegetables for the hot pot and the waiter will bring on the meat in bento boxes. I must say the quality overall is impressive. Not only the greens, but also the meat offered. Fresh Australian beef and locally bred kurobuta pork that melts in your mouth!!! No wonder I was so stuffed that I could only have desserts for… My dinner! :p

The dessert that I took seemed to be popular with the local. It is later that I discovered that other cafes offer a similar dish. Nevertheless the honey toast with vanilla ice cream was so good that I finished it all. The honey, salted butter, cinnamon and I don’t know what else is a perfect combination for the toast…. Such a fattening day for me. ( 0 _ 0 ) If there’s one thing about me, I am not a dessert person. I prefer savory over sweet food. Vanilla ice cream is always the last choice of ice cream for me, as I find it plain and most have this artificial taste . However the vanilla ice cream at Secret Garden Cafe won me over. It’s made from vanilla pods (can see the seeds) and it was great! πŸ™‚ I would also love to eat here again.


Momo Paradise
Central World Plaza
7th fl., Central World Plaza, Ratchadumri Rd., Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
Tel: 02-646-1055

Secret garden cafe is located on the 6th floor, nearer to Zen’s end.


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