Banana boy 21 Dec

A3 is in a gym class that he enjoys it thoroughly. He looks forward to it every time the lesson is on. He doesn’t verbally tell me do but by being cooperative and not fussy, it’s his way of telling me.

However he made excuse of not going for class last week because he is not feeling well. After some probing, I found out a boy is calling him name… Banana boy because of his Mandarin accent. First thought is name calling starts so early. While this is harmless teasing and more might come his way, at this what I think, a tender age he doesn’t know how to cope with this. Finding excuse or sulking about it is not a good way to deal with his emotions.

Personally I had my fair share of name calling and being teased during my primary school days, so naturally I feel slightly aggrieved. That’s the mother hen complex at its work here.

Name calling is harmless teasing but what about bullying that he will inevitably encounter in an all boys’ school? It’s time for him to learn how to counter the teasings.

First I told him name calling is annoying but it doesn’t hurt him and it shouldn’t be the excuse to stop going to his favorite class. We should speak more Mandarin to improve his Mandarin and no one will ever call him banana boy again. Then I also feedback to the teacher what had happened to let him handle it. Easy peasy for him and as a parent, there is no need for me to confront the offender, such intervention might just very well intimidate the boy.

Tomorrow is Christmas. Here’s wishing my readers a blessed Christmas. May the days ahead bring you much peace and joy.


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