S.E.A aquarium 13 Dec

My mom mooted the idea of visiting the S.E.A aquarium with the kids. A first for us since she’s hardly the sightseeing nor the outdoor type. I can only remember visiting the Big Splash on a rainy day when I was very, very young… Did I just reveal my age?!

I looked for a package deal and could only found one offer that has expired. The aquarium does offer an annual pass but I am not sure how many times I would be back. We already have a few packages like zoo, cable cars and some others. Perhaps it would be good to have a rotation of sightseeing packages now and then.

I want to rant. Sentosa is an expensive place. To enter the island via walking, there’s even a charge of $1 per person. When the photographer took a photo of A4 and me in the aquarium, I took a double take when I found out its $50 for the photo, another photo of some fishes framed in a synthetic leather frame. Crazy or what? I told the staff to give my feedback to the management. My parking fee was $14 for 4 hours of parking. All in all we spent over $100 for sightseeing, food, some shopping and parking. Such costliness of all things is actually stopping people from spending more or returning.

20121213-202004.jpg The $5 meal voucher are issued as the dolphin lagoon is not opened yet. My another rant is about the dolphins and it’s habitat. I have seen the dolphins’ living habitat from the cable car… Right now the pod of dolphins are in a small pool and the surroundings must be noisy for them. I can imagine that at night it’s quite bright for them too. The animals were captured from the wild and brought here. While I appreciate viewing the sea creatures in the aquarium, I could not help but to feel for the dolphins.

Now my review on the aquarium… I have been to the underwater world in Sentosa a few times, so I recognized the familiar exhibits. Same crab. Yes, the spelling is correct. Same jelly fishes. I am also sure I remember this and that fish too. 😉 The new aquarium is bigger so definitely there are new species.

There are also some displays from the maritime museum along the aisle, such as interactive touch screen apps and activities for kids. Good only if you have lots of time.

I found the exhibits interesting enough and it had fairly impressed my mom and A3. For A4 who is 2yo, he had shown interest for big objects that move fairly quickly, Eg divers, manta rays and other big fishes. Small sea creatures doesn’t capture his attention. He also likes the interactive part of touching a starfish whereas A3 refuses to touch it and A3 at that age was not afraid to touch the starfish.

For us, the biggest draw was the ocean dome. The dome is big and it was just lovely to watch the fishes swimming by. There’s even bean bag chairs for us to sit on to watch the fish and relax! I wish we could spend more time there or even take a nap!! The ocean dome is awesome. 20121213-210240.jpg



After the aquarium visit, we had lunch at the Malaysia food street. Place is quite pricey. We can easily have the same food but in ringgit in Malaysia lor. Haha. To be fair, the food is actually quite good. We like claypot salted fish chicken rice and the black sauce hokkien mee. The fried kway tiao was bland without chilli but good for the kids. 🙂


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