Rock age

I didn’t realise that my previous posting had failed to be uploaded. 3G, you failed me.

I blogged using my iPhone 4S and the photos are taken using the phone and from the album. It’s pretty easy and straightforward. As a busy mom, I allocate myself no more than 30mins to blog for each post but when I am the passenger in the car, I have more time to do so.

Thanks to modern technology, moms like me who hardly socialise with my old friends whom are in a different phase of life, I can connect with them in Facebook and to catch up with their lives. I can also share with fellow mom friends about tiredness and misbehaving kids. Wonder how my mom fare back then? My brother and 1 are just 1 year apart (360 days to be exact). She has to cook, clean and take care of both of us. It mustn’t had been easy for her and how did she find the time to socialise? I asked her before and she said she don’t have any choice and she just gotta do it.

I believe that we are living in an age of abundance and am referring to materials wise. However it doesn’t mean that we are more resilient. Softer in character in fact… Life is not easy nor is it a bed of roses. This is what I have learnt and I wonder how to pass such lessons to my children who have it so easy for them.


One response to “Rock age

  1. My exact same worry. I don’t my kids to grow up soft, and dependent.

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