JB Bukit Indah

To JB, to JB to buy a fat cow?

We wanna visit Aeon at Bukit Indah in JB for the day (yesterday) and it’s decided we should leave early for the second link. BTW, decision and actual event is polars opposite. I suggested to hub to have this braised duck noodle at Boon Lay market since its a slight detour to the second link. I haven’t had the noodles since my family moved out from our first family home. It must has been 15 years! I am not fond of duck but this stall do it so well.

The stall had a brisk business going on. No accolades displayed but the long queue is telling otherwise. The noodles tasted just as good in my memory. I guess the noodles represent a part of my teen hood memory. šŸ™‚

We soon made our way to Tuas, little did we known that we will be stuck 3 hours in all to clean customs on both sides. Yikes! Lesson learnt here is to leave early for Malaysia on Saturdays.

It was 2pm when we ordered lunch! My kids were troopers and didn’t fuss when they were hungry. The mall has a sale going on from now till 1 Jan 2013. Almost all the shops are participating in the sale. Shops like Padini and Bossini offer discounts till 70%. We spent the day there and felt like we haven’t covered the place. So hopefully, we will be back soon.

For lunch, we ate at Black Canyon cafe. I prefer the cafe chain in Thailand where it originates from. Food and drinks are better there too. Maybe because in Malaysia, the cafe serves mainly chicken. Hb ordered a lamb chop which was the star dish of the day.
For dinner, we had at tea garden, a chinese restaurant which also serves spaghetti and French fries?! The food is average for the price. The herbal chicken unordered




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