It felt like we are not up to much these two days but it’s just my baby brain. We had went out and I found that’s it’s 200% easier just to bring one child out compared to both. Sometimes the boys are vying for my attention when I have my hands full or tending to something else. It’s not easy and I’m feeling blue.

Today marked a chapter closed. I passed on the set of play yards to a friend from the bible study group. I received the play yard from another friend in the same group and it felt good to pass it forward to someone else, even better that she is from the same clique.

I didn’t have to put A3 in the play yard when he was a toddler. He was generally good. I usually find him at the same spot when I had to wash dishes or cooked up a quick meal. A4 however .. He’s my diva n terror all rolled into one. He would walk up and down the house and just made a mess. I suspect he might have throw a few things out from our balcony!

The play yard served us well. We usually dumped toys inside along with his fave kitchen set and left him to play by himself for a while. Now that the play yard is gone. House feels spacious all over again. 🙂





See what I mean? 😉


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