Bookish terror 4 & 5 Nov

Gonna be a quick update as I’m real sleepy.

Yesterday was A3’s turn to be unwell. Must have caught the bug from A4. The bug is a mild strain but still… He is better after taking probiotic, staying away from oily food n cutting back his milk. TG.

I only managed to bring the two monkeys to the town library. Turned out it was fun for them. There’s an exhibition going on that showcases earlier days of Singapore life and featured SG authors’ books.


After borrowing tonnes of books, we were told by volunteers that we can exchange Christmas cutout for colouring. The two elves were delighted and set to work on no time.


A3 attended a pizza making workshop today. It wasn’t his first time at a pizza workshop but it looks like he had a great time. The pizza he made was yummy but he just wasn’t a cheese boy and requested for fried rice instead. Luckily the holding restaurant does have fried rice available. Lol. The restaurant also had an attached play gym, Jurakids! It was suppose to be dinosaur theme play gym but erh… from what I saw, a T Rex model and a rack of dino toys doesn’t interest any Dino-philes. The gym didn’t leave me much good impression as I had cut myself with a cable tie. Imagine if it happen to any kid! The padding for the steps were not fastened in place, so there’s chance for kids to either trip and fall, or a little foot may step into the space…. Then the gym is the dirtiest I have encountered so far. The toys and maze weren’t bad but I see dust balls near the walls. The owner better don’t read this. I already given the same feedback in the feedback form. Redeeming factors are the good service and good food. You can tell how good a restaurant is just by its fried rice! šŸ˜‰ good night!





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