Rainy 2-3 Dec

It’s been raining non-stop this afternoon. I think everyone is in for a good sleep tonight. Woo hoo!

We spent Sunday at church as usual. It was family service so kids was sitting in with us instead of going to Sunday School. Church also thoughtfully provided an activity pack for all the children. However my kids being young still, they could not sit throughout the service and had to explore… If not screams of protest from the younger one…

After church, we went to have lunch and then went for MPH book sale. I’m such a book nerd and can spend a long time browsing for ’em gems. Hence a cut-off time is required but still I’m quite happy with my finds.


As for today, I kept up with CIP and A3 finished his first Chinese workbook. It’s really to learn some basic strokes for the chinese characters. Next I hope to engage him in learning Chinese characters and introduce him to more Chinese books. The problem with Chinese books is they are less fun than English books. There’s so much about moral values that a kid or a parent can take. Chinese books are wordy too. Sometimes I find it hard to stifle a yawn when I’m reading out loud with a dry mouth. Thinking about yawning makes me yawn! The “fun”
Chinese books are usually translated. I particularly like the books translated from Japanese. The illustrations are good and the words or sentence are more age appropriate.

Tip: Some Chinese books indicate the intended age at the back, however the reader must discern that the Chinese standard in China (where the books are from) is much higher than Singapore’s. The education system plays a part. Why? Because primary one school children here learn romanized hanyu pinyin instead of Chinese characters. The education system robbed, excuse me, reduced the time for our children to learn Chinese characters.

So a book meant for 5yo is more for 7yo in SG, IMHO.

I can go on about the library system for Chinese books but I will save it for next time. šŸ˜‰

As for today, we were suppose to go for some swimming but bad weather changed the plan. Then I had already decided to make honey mustard chicken for tonight’s dinner. It’s really simple to make and the beauty of it is it’s not too much of a hassle. Good for a lazy, rainy day meal.



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