1 Dec

Brought the kids to see the family doctor this morning. A4’s having stomach flu and some phlegm. Poor lil’ guy. He can’t go along with A3 for a play date. Hope he recovers soon.

Since A4’s tummy is not well, I cooked a light dinner for all of us and then a brussel sprouts dish for the potluck to the play date.

I love brussel sprouts. I love it’s bitter sweet taste. I am sentimental towards memories linked with friends. I remember that I had first tried brussel sprouts at either Ponderosa or Sizzler. Ah the memories, a group of hungry teenagers wiping out the buffet table. I can easily ate a plate of that with cheese sauce! That was many moons ago and a growing girl is very hungry. Now I have to embark on my diet very soon to lose all that child bearing weight!

Goggle is my best friend. I found a brussel sprouts recipe on one of my favourite recipe website, SimplyRecipes and cooked it unadulterated style. The brussel sprouts recipe called for toasted sliced almonds. And I have never done this. A quick google check and I found out how to toast the almonds. Even my husband who is not a brussel sprout fan, found the dish good. This recipe is a keeper!

20121201-223151.jpgAlmonds in oven

20121201-223204.jpgI hearted toasted almonds

20121201-223221.jpgThe end result


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