Bruised ego 29 Nov

A4 has been waking at 5+ in the morning and mommy’s here in a fail and foul mood. So sleep deprived. Ugh.

A4’s sick symptoms has been irregular. Like 2/3 of a day he may seem fine with running nose drying up, then next day the running nose is back again. Not rested enough? Allergy?

So that’s the reason why I didn’t let him have water play yesterday at POLW. We went with a friend n her son, so the older boys could play by themselves while I entertained and fed A4 on the side. Not easy to pacify A4… Who wouldn’t want to join in all that fun? My logic is we can always go another time (already planning) and the probability of him being more sick after water play is high, then it’s for his own good that he will skip this round. 😌



The downside of it, A3 fell down and impacted his front teeth. Some kid pushed the thing he was standing on, he lost his balance and fell down. My heart dropped when he came crying to me. First time for playground accident… I quickly got the lifeguard to apply first aid for him. To my surprise, it’s a packet of sugar. Apply sugar on gum to make the bleeding stop. By licking the sugar, A3 also managed to calm down. Wow, I didn’t know that. My friend, a TCM doctor said its quite a standard first aid treatment.

Everything has its timing, the very same afternoon was A3’s half a yearly dental check up! The dentist took a look and said teeth looks fine to her and it doesn’t seem wobbly. However symptoms to trauma of the teeth usually shows up a few days’ time. So we have to follow up in a couple of week’s time. 😌

I had an eventful day yesterday, so I’m just gonna chillax today. 😌


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