30 Nov

It’s been a tiring day even though I desperately wanted to chillax. Somehow I managed not to have any free time until the kiddoes are asleep. A4 seems to have a stomach flu full blown this afternoon. After administering some probiotics to him, we gotta gangnam*, I mean ride it out with him.

*Actually I like the gangnam video a lot! The dance moves lifted my mood whenever I watch it. Lol.

Had lunch with a friend and my two appendages, ok, my kids at Arbite today. It’s my second time there and I do enjoy the food. Friend and I tried the 1-for-1 lunch which was pretty decent price. I also find the service great and not many restaurants can boast of this. The waiters were rather attentive till they were busying attending to a full house restaurant. Kids can play with the Lego bricks to pass time. One of the reason why I picked the place.

Hope to visit there soon again to have their whole day breakfast set. I love such sets and try everywhere I go and can eat it for any meals of the day! Also, I hope that A4 will be less cranky and scream less next time we are there. 😖



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