Stormy 28 Nov

As I’m typing this, the sky is brewing up a fine storm. Good weather for slumbering!

I brought kids to the nearby wet market for some grocery shopping. I hadn’t expect that my elder boy would complain that he doesn’t like the smell in the market and some people are smelly too. My golly! Has he turned into a little insensitive snob? I remembered when I was a little girl, I didn’t like to step my foot into the wet market too, however the hygiene conditions were worse off then, the smell was even more offensive and backsplashes from a cocktail of melted ice and seafood wasn’t enticing. It’s better now?! Certainly I think!

My view on the wet market certainly has changed after I became a sahm and did my marketing there mostly.

Why I like the wet market:

  • produce is fresher
  • produce is cheaper. This is true when you established a relationship with a trusted stall. One pays more when one looks like a n00b.
  • the stall holders can advise how to cook or prepare certain ingredients
  • the human element
  • yummy hawker food is almost always nearby
  • Today someone at the wet market told me how big my kids are now. Another person in the neighbourhood stopped to say a hi. I realised that these are people who had watched my kids grow up. How I interact with them leave impressions upon the kids. The venue, smell, sight and sound serve as a memory to them when they are adults, just like my experience.
    I cooked a Chinese soup for our dinner today. It’s one of my favorite soup and I actually got the recipe from a Cantonese drama. Believe it or not. Lol.

    Lotus roots green bean soup


      500gm of soup bones (I use soft bones)
      1 section of a lotus root
      2 honey dates
      1 small dried octopus
      Water, enough to cover up to 80% of the ingredients
      Salt, optional


      I first cooked the green beans in a pressure cooker for about 10 mins.
      Scald the soup bones for abt 10mins
      Remove skin of lotus roots n slice.
      Give the honey dates and dried octopus a quick rinse.
      Everything goes into the pressure cooker and cook for about 30mins. That’s it!

    I first tried the dried octopus in this recipe and couldn’t believe how tasty the soup taste with it. I had avoided using it as I had thought it looked pretty gross. Haha. Now I will never cook any bean or lotus roots soup without it.

    This soup is considered as a “balanced” soup. Cooked lotus root is mildly heaty and green beans is cooling. Lotus roots is good for cough so I’m trying out the effect on A4 who has a very mild cough. If it does, will definitely cook it again when kids are down with cough.

    Doesn’t look so enticing in the photo but I love this soup!


    2 responses to “Stormy 28 Nov

    1. Interesting. I never tried green bean with lotus root combi before and with dried squid too!

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