Stormy 27 Nov

Today was rather uneventful but I’m glad it’s this way. A4 had a fever yesterday and it was raining today heavily during the time I need to send A3 to gym class. So I thank God for A4 to be better today and as well as the drizzle when I had to tuck the kids into the car that was parked outdoor.

I had continued the same formula with the CIP today. Also let him watch some 巧虎 DVD. We chanced upon this character when we were in Taiwan earlier part of the year. It seems popular in Taiwan and most importantly, A3 likes it. Today A3 continued to answer me mostly in English and showed resistance when I tried to correct him. -_- Gotta persevere and slowly increase his interest in Chinese. Persistence and consistency is the key!

Duplo time! The kids are into Duplo recently. Gotta love the imagination and spontaneity that this toy brings. We built a house and A3 built this stairs which I reinforced and added a diving platform. He took a toy basin and filled with blue bricks and imagined that daddy and mummy are swimming. Such simple joy we all had. 🙂


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