Whirlwind weekend- 24 Nov

Weekend. Highly sought after, highly maximized and then highly mega tired! Lol.

We had attended A4’s last gym class at My Little Gym. Both my boys had attended MLG and we loved it there. So it’s a little sad that we are done with the gym and will be moving on. A3 had started another gym class nearer to our place and A4… Will be starting Pre-nursery in the coming January at the ripe old age of 26months! He will be one of the youngest in class coz there’s another girl with the same birthday as him is attending as well. How cute is this? There’s a teeny part of me that couldn’t bear to send him to school at such young age, but we deemed he is ready. He had shown interest and also independence at Sunday School. So mummy here has to let go… For 2hrs. šŸ˜‰

Saturday itself was a little gastronomy affair. We had Italian at Prego and… Kopitiam Curry fish head during dinner time. Whatever international cuisine we had, we will always fall back to our root… Comfort food!


Then we ended the evening with a walk in the park. I think such days ought to have a repeat frequently.


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