Epic- 23 Nov

Yesterday was nothing short of epic. I was out whole day with the kids. Even though we didn’t do anything strenuous , it was bone shattering tired. Can still feel the effect today. Must be my epic old age.

The first half of the day was spent at Beverly‘s place. 4 boys between 2 of us! Her youngest is just over 3 months. Glad that our 3 older kids played well together. No cryings n no fussing. Woot! I had reminded A3 to let the didis have the toys first, he did and when he really, really wanted to play with a helicopter that the younger one is holding, he would tell him, “Oh let me show you how to fly the helicopter. You must fly it high ( out of his reach), spin this (keeps him mesmerize) and do this (by then he is impressed by A3)”. Thought this is funny to me. 😉

Another highlight for the boys are the McDonald lunch. No biggie, right? I don’t know why all the little kid like McDonald. Well, if it keeps them happy.
Beverly’s Hunter and my A4 had their first taste of mcnuggets. We moms were slightly worried that the kids won’t take to the food and we were surprised by their willingness and cooperativeness. It’s all good in our books.

Here are my tips for an indoor all boys’ play date:

  • Train toys are an absolute hit
  • Cars in all makes and sizes
  • Play dough
  • Bricks as in Duplo or Lego
  • Nuggets and fries can never go wrong
  • 20121124-210706.jpg




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