Tickle me pink- 22 Nov

Today is about being impromptu. I was suppose to bring A4 for gym class however kids woke up late so it’s my excuse to skip the lesson and have the make up lesson another day. Then the play date after was cancelled. So what am I suppose to do? I have no back up plan today and the sky looked menacing there and then.

Thanks to Twitter, I quickly arranged an impromptu playdate with Sparklethots at Tickle Tickle‘s new branch. The branch is so new that it has just been opened for 3 days!

On the first look, everything seems pristinely new (of coz). The place smells faintly of paint but after a while, you get used to it. The play gym is not at all big. Half the area is for the play maze, followed by 2 play rooms in a toy play house with kitchen toys in 1 and various toddler toys in the other. Then another playroom in the party room which has a new Melissa & Doug train set and ELC Happy town sets. My kids were thrilled to make a bee line for each of their love. The elder one for trains and the younger one for kitchen. The power of the toys was more alluring than the maze which I would prefer them to play more in it. Nevertheless the kids were tired after the play date and lunch.


After they woke up, I attempted to engage them with a toilet roll craft and toy. Sadly, A3 wasn’t interested although A4 likes it. Shall continue to let A4 practice his jabbing skill… I mean hand n eye coordination.

This is what mummy Ed found somewhere off the Internet and a much better example than mine.



One response to “Tickle me pink- 22 Nov

  1. Lol. At least it’s a (almost) free activity. Imagine if you’d spent money on a toy and they played with it for a short while then gave up!

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