Ace of base- 21 Nov

Today has been great. This mummy here achieved all in her calendar so I’m feeling great! Tiredness is part of me permanently, in case you are wondering.

What we did today… For the first half of the day while it was bright and sunny, my kids met up with our regular play mates, the AJ boys for water play at Tampines One. This place is great. Sun shade for the “bench warmers”. The water play area was adequate for us to eyeball the kids and wiggled eyebrows at them when they are up to monkey business. Playground by the side and there’s loo and bathing area. The kids have been in the sun and water often recently that A4 is starting to have the sun kissed look. He has browned a little and cute pinky cheeks. 😀


After lunch, I had to go home to grab A3’s bag for one of his class. Thank God for His amazing timing that we didn’t get wet at our open air car park for it started to rain as I buckled A4. After dropping A3 off, then it’s time for A4 to nap and for me to cook dinner.

Today’s menu is one pot chicken rice. I was trying to come up something like the local chicken rice but didn’t bother to check any recipe. I think the end result is pretty good. The rice taste like the flavour one gets when eating a lor mai gai (glutinous chicken rice) but without the starchiness since I used Thai jasmine rice. I also added oyster mushrooms and steamed broccoli in one pot, ie the rice cooker. A healthy, wholesome meal in a pot! Yay! Less things for me to wash really! Double yay! On the hindsight, I should have added ginger slices.

One pot chicken rice

    4 drumsticks
    1 packet of oyster mushrooms
    1 broccoli, about 200gm-300gm
    Light soya sauce
    Sesame oil
    Chinese cooking wine
    Coarse black pepper
    Chicken stock
    Ginger slices, optional


    I marinated the chicken in the morning before I went out. Placed the drumsticks in a suitably size ziplock bags, added about 2 tablespoons of sesame oil, light soya sauce, cooking wine each and black pepper. Squeeze out the air in the bag as much as I can. Sealed and put into fridge. Flipped the bag when I was back so the chicken will be evenly marinated.

    Before cooking, bring the drumsticks out from fridge to let it warm up to room temperature.

    Rinse rice and add in Chicken broth. Season with 1 tablespoon of light soya sauce. When the broth starts to bubble, add in chicken drumsticks, stir everything once.
    Place the mushroom as evenly as possible on top of the rice.
    When the cauldron is bubbling hot, steam the broccoli florets for abt 6-8mins then take out the florets while its still undercooked. Set aside to cool down.

Then I went to pick up A3 and the next challenge was to visit a library as it was raining heavily. God willing, we managed to visit one, even though it was not sheltered at certain part for the rain had stopped. We conquered the ramp with our stroller and heavy books.

Summary: happy.




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