19-20 Nov

A friend tweeted that it’s only the second day of the holiday. To me, it feels like ages! In a good way for now.

The husband is away for work since yesterday. He was away often last year and I have since adapted to handle the kids by myself. One thing I did was to pare down activities so I wouldn’t be exhausted. My view is if I feel stretched about managing the kids and the household, then something gotta give, which is less outings for us.

I must say I didn’t make the day exciting for them coz I wasn’t feeling well yesterday, so today I made it up to them with a Yakun breakfast and grocery trip. A3 loves the soft boiled eggs and A4 likes the cheese kaya toast. They are happy. I am happy. So it’s perfect for us. After the meal, we did our grocery run and after consulting his royal A3 highness, Japanese curry rice is on the special menu today! HRA3H loves all kind of curry.

It’s really simple to cook Japanese curry. One just need to buy the paste and cook according to instruction. However I am particular about the ingredients and additives and I would avoid additives and MSG. I prefer to feed the family with food as natural as possible.

So here’s what I used today. The children curry cube was used in the kids’ curry sauce. As for me, I have this Japanese curry powder which actually is quite spicy and bitter. I added bulldog sauce (for convenience) to sweeten my curry sauce. For the choice of meat, kids ate salmon and part of my tioman fish fillet. I had also added scallops into mine. ^^ Inspiration is from Sushi Tel’s current seasonal menu. ^^ As for veggie, it’s potato, pumpkin and peas.





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