17-18 Nov

2 days of the weekend gone just like that. We had a packed weekend and took long glorious naps to recharge. It’s all good in a mummy’s world.

Quick update as I need to hit the sack soon. Hubby will be flying off 5 days for work in the morning and I need to make sure that I have ample rest to handle the boys and/or maybe the rest of the world.

We had an invitation to a friend’s double celebration yesterday. Took the opportunity to bring our swimming gear as the boys (n hubby) are into water play now. I am usually the camera man in the foreground with towels standing by. Unfortunately, A3 was not cooperative at breakfast time and I banned him from swimming. It dismayed him and I could tell that he just might accidentally fall into the water. Lol. I brought along some books that I know he will like and read to him so the royal highness was appeased. I’m also pleased to say his reluctant eating habit has changed overnight.

I love parties! Could tell that my friend made considerable efforts for everything. ๐Ÿ™‚ The cake was wow-lovely and she had hired balloon artiste. It’s a pity that we didn’t get to eat the triple chocolate flavour cake. We have tried it before and it’s good. ;9



As for today, we went to church n rushed home as we were expecting some guests. I am quite pleased that A4 is quite independent in the 2 years old group. Maybe 2, 3 months down the road, he can be in the sunday school without our supervision. He is still the youngest although I am worried that he will pull hair of others…

We visited Greenwich shopping center for dinner. A4 had his first taste of pizza and… Chilli! He insisted on trying and we let him. Lol. He spat it out and his whole face was red. This one is not a spice boy like his brother. ๐Ÿ˜‰ He was ok with the pizza and insisted to self feed. The young padawan is getting better in that department.




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