It’s been a long while since I have updated my blog. My no. 2 has just turned 2 years old and my no.1 is going to K1 in January! Like one of my favorite phase goes, “Where has all the time gone!?!”.

Today is day 1 of the school holiday. We already had such great fun. I love school holidays bcoz I get to spend more play time with my kids. During school days, the usual ferrying and working around the various schedule are energy drainers for me. We had such great fun during the June holiday that I was sorry to see it ended.

If you ask me what did we do in June? Erh, my mind drew a blank. So I thought I wanna blog about how to spend the holiday and to give other parents an idea too. Instead of the tv babysitting my kids, I can create memory together with them. 🙂

What my no.1 did yesterday afternoon. (He seldom nap but my no.2 still does.) I let him do some writing then followed by some painting. This guy loves creative work.

The art kit has almost everything! I just need to get him a cup of water to wash the brush n he could do it without any instruction. The clinch is the brush is of poor quality and the paint doesn’t mix so well with water. Still, he did 2/3 of it.

To be continued…




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