16 Nov

Before I recount what had happened today so far… Another purpose of the blog is also for me to check the progress of my plans, but I haven’t planned my plan yet. Heh. πŸ˜‰

Between the last recipe blog post to today’s, I have been active online mostly on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. All of which are limited access as I am not big on sharing about my life. Not that any of it is tabloid material anyway. Heh. There’s just so much a SAHM can handle so I rather don’t have drama in my life. I think, this blog, if it has any readers will be mostly from my Instagram and Twitter friends. πŸ˜‰ So hello there!

I’m quite big on organizing and keeping to the time but if you know me in person, I was as organized as a may fly. I live for the day. I am impromptu. I like changes. Motherhood has certainly tamed me to become more organized!

So… Day 1 with 2 kids at home. What can we do? Remember, I don’t have a plan. On a whim, I decided to bring them for water play at Vivocity, my fave mall. Today’s philosophy is “Don’t think too much”. It’s rather ironic as I had planned my schedule down to a T, like deciding where to park the lift lobby # in the vast car park at Vivo and the strategic spot at the roof top where I can get sun shade and very importantly, last minute supply.

The kids enjoyed themselves with the water play. The sun was hot as usual but I had slapped on sunblock before we left the house. They are at the parallel play stage still but I can see the interactions are getting more and the younger one will mimic his gor gor’s actions, or cheeky acts.



A friend asked me where or how do I bath them after water play. My answer was I didn’t. I just towel dried them and slapped (love the word) on hand sanitizer. When I grew up, that’s how I played too. I’m with 2 kids by myself. Don’t think too much! Closing one eye also helped.

After lunch, A3 requested to have a “race car” ride. The ride is quite pricey at $5 for 5 mins of ride! The first time he was on it, it was basically paying to learn how to drive the race car and… ramming into poles.


By the time they napped, after reaching home and cleaning up, it was 4pm. I am surprised that A4 could stay up so late. It’s a first for him. I like to think that the day was exciting for him or them both. πŸ™‚


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