Tokyo day 6

Travelling with a toddler means we have to dedicate some and if not most of the itinerary for him. Alex is a Thomas the train fanatic. He lives and breathes on Thomas. Incidentally his favourite is Edward the kind and helpful #2 train. Yeah, I have come to know the names and numbers of these trains. While planning the itinerary, I was delighted to know that there is a Thomas land in Tokyo. Although it’s not big and not that near to Tokyo central, we just had to visit it and knowing that Alex will have a fantabulous time there!

Thomas land is part of Fujikyu highland, a big playground compound, and about 1.5hrs on bus. It’s wise to book the bus tickets early to ensure you get the timing that you most prefer. The tickets are around 1800Y for one adult fare. Not cheap lor! Alex was under age and they won’t charge if the toddler does not require additional seat. The tickets for Thomas land can be purchased at the entrance. Adult at 1200Y each and child at 600Y each. Basically we paid for an arm and leg before we entered into the park.

Most rides in the park are suitable for his age and height. The rides are not free and ranged from 100-300Y. Alex had a great time playing about. He basically played and played and refused to nap till we got on the bus to Gotemba.

Gotemba premium outlet (御殿場) is a branded factory outlet. It is about 45mins- 1hr ride from Fujikyu highland. On weekend, there are bus services to Gotemba railway station. From there and then, change to a free shuttle bus to the factory outlet. The travelling took up a lot of time. We didn’t have much time to shop there coz the outlet also closed early and we had to catch the last bus back to Shinjuku. It was a mad rush within the compound. Somehow on that day, the temperature dropped again and we were all cold. It was an experience to remember.


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