Tokyo day 4

We were quite bushed from Disney Sea and woke up later the next day. We checked out character street at the Tokyo station on this day. I am sure everyone of us has gotten in touch with Japanese culture at one point in our lives. I am into Jap anime, the cutesy products and rock music at one time, while hb is into anime and models (think war ships, not human).

Character street is part of Tokyo station underground, but it took us about 20mins to find the way there, coz the underground passages are that many and confusing. We first went to Miffy shop to browse (too expensive but oh so cute), then we spent a lot of time at Tomica where trains, cars and automobiles reside. Hb went bug-eyed at this shop coz he’s obsessed with cars too. Of course by now he has transferred the obsession onto his offspring and I think the no.2 won’t be sparred. ;p

Japan is an overall a child friendly and safe place. What I love also is toy shops like this have toys for children to play and I can leave the stroller with shoppings outside the shop while no one would touch or even steal it. Unimaginable in Singapore. So Alex was happily planning in a toy corner and I browsed around for a while and came back to check on him on short bursts. Win-win situation!

Half of the shops on the street featured familiar characters like Ultraman, Domo, Totoro (!), Doraemon, Hello Kitty and some other local TV stations’ characters. If you are a fan of these characters, don’t miss this place!

We LOST track of time here and by the time we made our way out, it was over 1pm. Alex and I were HUNGRY! Lunch was at Ootoya Japanese restaurant at a nearby building. The food was cheap (about 800Y a pax) and delicious. Didn’t manage to take picture of our food coz we wolfed down everything in no time! The dessert that we ordered was absolutely diving. Sesame chiffon pudding with azuki bean, green tea icecream. Hmmm, maybe I should very soon check out the Ootoya restaurant branch in Singapore that I just discovered.

In the afternoon, we paid pilgrimage to Akihabara (秋葉原) coz it’s a must-visit on hb’s list. The place is nothing to blog about… Haha. We visited a couple of electronic places and a toy/manga stall. That’s about it. This place is for tourist and maid cafe fan! Then we noted the sky looked menacing, so we decided to head back to Shinjuku for the night.

We had dinner at a Muji cafe. I just lurvvvve the cafe! From the moment I first stepped into it, I fell in love with the cafe! The deco is made of recycled materials. E.g. chandelier made of wine glasses. How clever is that? The ingredients in the food are also carefully selected and sourced from different parts in Japan, and not neccessarily big scale commerical farms. I ordered a meal of 10-grains (!) rice for Alex and myself n 2 hot n 2 cold dishes along with a warm caramel soy milk. I can still remember the taste. The food served is healthy and delicious.

After dinner, we took a stroll to kabukicho, further down this time and visited a 100Y shop. Bought 1 basketful of stuff there. =)


3 responses to “Tokyo day 4

  1. Hello,

    We’re planning to visit Tokyo just for hunting Tomica toys for our 3-year-old, and I found your blog in accidentally. Could you guide us to the Tomica store in your picture?

    Thank you.

    Jen Pavel

    • Hi Jen,

      Our Tokyo trip was last May, so I can’t rem all the details. We stayed at citadines hotel. It’s not at a convenient location and we found ourselves wishing we had chosen another hotel.

      The tomica shop is at Tokyo station basement. Took us about 20mins to find the “character street” where the shop is situated. You can customize your own tomica car at the shop too.

      Have fun!

  2. Hello,

    I just realized you are a Singaporean. Me too but I married a Canadian so I now live in Canada. Can you recommend a hotel that has a small kitchen, preferably near this Tomica Shop at Tokyo Station?

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