Tokyo day 3

Day 3 was Disney Sea! Hb and I have never been to any of the Disney land, so it was a straw poll between Disney sea or Disney land. Disney sea won coz it being the only Disney amusement park with a sea theme in the world. We took the subway to Maihama station (舞浜).  What we didn’t know was that the Disney Resort was so big that it has its own railway line within the compound. Oh, the car park was massive too.

It was a Thursday and yet the crowd was quite a staggering sight. Thankfully there were no pushing or queue cutting. This is one of the contributing fact that our trip was enjoyable throughout.  I am not saying the Japanese are not a zealous *cough or KS* bunch coz when once passed the entrance gate, most of them just dashed forward. Maybe they want to get a good seat for the show or some rides. They also crowded around the mascot whenever there’s one around and went, “Kawaiiiiii”!

We started with some leisure walk around and were also trying to figure out what to do and where to go.  Ultimately, we just go with the flow. We watched a show first, which Alex enjoyed. Then we went for a tram ride which he loved. For a Thomas the train fan, at that point it was a dream come true for him!

We had lunch at Sakura restaurant serving Japanese food. We pretty much covered the rest of Disney Sea and this was the only place that the food was suitable for Alex, so dinner was here as well. To our bemusement, he started saying, “I love food” during lunch. He totally really approved the food in Japan!

After lunch, we went for another show. All shows were in Japanese but nevertheless Alex was hooked to the song and dance. There was a new interactive show with Crush the turtle from Nemo, so how could we miss that? It was interesting, coz Crush on the screen could converse directly and joked with the audience. It was a tad boring for us, coz… u guessed it. Crush speaked in Japanese!

While Alex napped, we visited the shows for souveniors.  Each shop has its own merchandise so it’s worth while to pop in for a quick browse. Then it was this main show which I, a non-Disney fan marvelled at. It has fireworks and all the whizz and bangs. The dancers gave their best. Spectacular floats, costumes and the characters. Disney sea felt like it’s the happiest place on earth. I wondered if the shows at other Disney lands are at the same scale or even better?!

Throughout our day in the park, we could see people holding special popcorn buckets. There were stalls selling popcorn of different flavours and mostly a different bucket.. I just had to hunt down an appealing flavour and the right bucket! My tastebud then was still picky and I didn’t find these flavours appealling, namely black pepper, milk tea and even curry! In the end, I settle for the conventional caramel. Ha…

We had a good time at Disney sea and hope to return there with no.2 one day. That one day may be in 3yrs time! Gosh, such a long wait…. =O


2 responses to “Tokyo day 3

  1. looks like a great holiday! didn’t they have english versions of the shows, in addition to japanese? in HK disneyland they screened the shows in english, cantonese and mandarin at different time slots.

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