Tokyo day 2

(Trying to update a day of our Tokyo trip last mth a day at a time. Gotta do it b4 hb recovers fr his chicken pox n returns to work! Coz one less pair of hands at home)

We set off early to Shibuya (渋谷) as we planned to have breakfast there.  It is mainly a shopping belt for the young people, which we are not neither the shopping type nor young anymore (except for Alex). TToo many malls, too little time and interest. Heh. So instead, we planned a few key places to go and spent the rest of the time exploring.If there’s a thing about me, when I am hungry, I must eat, otherwise I will lose focus and become grouchy. We found the breakfast place before I turned into a Godzilla, St Marc’s cafe, quite easily and enjoyed the food. We love its signature crossiant and buns, so much so we made a 2nd order! A must try if you are in the area. However, the cafe, even if it has a separate smoking section as like other restaurants in tokyo, the cigarette smell is daunting. So it’s not a place to slowly enjoy the food.

After breakfast, we walked further up the street and went to visit the 7 storeys high Tokyu hand. We spent a lot of time browsing in the store and bought some what-nots. We love the store, coz it provides to all of our different preferences. Hb n Alex likes trains models and I like the cutsey n craft stuffs. It’s a great place for the family to hang out, provided your tod won’t tear down the shelves.

We lost track of time and everyone was hungry again! Oh, human. We eat, crap, get hungry again and the cycle repeats! =p We went to Mark city to try out this restaurant that our friend strongly recommended. To our dismay (and my suayness), the restaurant was closed for business for two days! We blindly settled for Ginza Lion Brasserie nearby. The food was quite alright and the two lunch we ordered were big enough to share among us three. Alex has never been a small eater and he has an unusual appetite in Japan. He lapped up adult portion of food at each meal! It’s no wonder he gained weight after the trip.

After lunch, Alex fell into a food coma, and we explored other parts of Shibuya. Like we went to Loft. I have visited Loft at Bangkok so it was rather exciting to visit the mother of them all, I mean Loft in Tokyo. Heh. Oh, the stuff in Loft (6 storeys) are great. They have all sort of things that you can imagine, however too expensive for our shallow pockets. =(

In Shibuya, is also where we bought the tickets to Disney Sea for our Day3 itinerary. There are some ticket counters around Tokyo that sell Disney tickets. We had originally planned to buy the tickets at Takashimaya (shinjku area), but the malls close early. I had came upon a chain store when I was doing my research,  Daikokuya (大黒屋) which is one of Disney’s ticket agent. We chanced upon a few branches, but mostly they sell 2nd hand branded goods. It’s our good luck that we managed to find one branch that sells the ticket, and even luckier that there are 150Y discount for each ticket! Alex’s entry to Disney is FOC coz he’s under 3yo.  =D Daikokuya also sells other tickets such as highway bus trips, theatre shows, other amusement parks and movies.

After a long, long walk, it’s dinner time! Would you have it that my choice of a dinner place is closed again?! Urgh, luckily I referred to the trusty guide book and found another ramen place nearby. We didn’t regret this choice! The ramen shop didn’t stand out from its first look but we all love the Hokkaido style ramen. Hb ordered the butter corn ramen while I had my fave pork bone red miso charsiew ramen. It was great n better than any ramen I ever had.

After dinner we made our way to the Garden (can’t remember which mall was that) and bought strawberries on sale. The strawberries rock my socks! Heh.

Tip: Fresh food stuff on sale at the supermarket in a mall after 7:30pm to clear stock.


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