Tokyo day 1

Konnichiawa! We arrived on Tuesday morning at Tokyo. A3 slept merely 6hrs in all on the flight, half his usual sleep time, so we were all three little zombies. He was real excited during the take-off coz I think it struck him that he is in an airplane. He’s been saying, eh-pain fly.

First impression was we had to walk a long way to the immigration counter. The staff was efficient and friendly and we cleared the custom in no time. Second impression was it’s cold…. brrrr. It drizzled the whole day in Tokyo, so it was cold. 18c when we first stepped out of the airport! Big difference from 34c back home.

We took the Limousine Coach service from the airport. 6000Y for 2 ways and a 2 day Tokyo Metro pass. The coach stopped at some key hotels and Shinjuku station, and we cabbed to our hotel, Citadines hotel for about 1250Y.

Then we went out to have our first meal in Tokyo. It wasn’t easy to find the restaurant coz we can’t read Japanese. I learnt Japanese for a year but it was 10yrs ago! However in the end we did and ordered some Teppanyaki Wagyu for lunch. The meal came down to less than 4000Y for 3 dishes that we ordered.

After the lunch we went back to nap, coz A3 and I couldn’t take it. Came night time, we walked from our hotel to Shinjuku area in the fine drizzle. We had a curry dinner at the famous Nakamura curry restaurant. I ordered a curry wagyu which was more like a rich stew.  I could tell that the stew was cooked for a very long time and everything was tender and just melt in the mouth. The wagyu was of excellent quality (at least grade A4). The stew went very well with the rice so much so that A3 finished 1 adult portion of rice.  For dessert, we had Nakamura’s cream puff and strawberry/red bean Daifukumochi (大福餅) which was very good too! Dinner + dessert was about 4000Y.

Discovery of A3 for the day.: he doesn’t like eggs and he likes expensive food. 😉

After dinner, we walked around Shinjuku area and went to Kabukicho (歌舞伎町) for a short walk in the light drizzle. There’s a joke about hb’s pronounciation over kabukicho. He kept saying kaki bukit! (Ok, I made this initial mistakte too.)


2 responses to “Tokyo day 1

  1. A3 doesn’t like eggs? i think my boy can go on for days with just eggs alone, LOL.

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