I am in the last leg of my first trimester, which explains the sparsity of the posts in this blog. Been feeling super tired, nauseous and not to mention moodiness since. Currently, the whole family is sick. I have sore throat, both hb and Alex has cough. Hope we can all recover before the trip and we have not prepared anything yet. So to cheer up myself and also do some planning…

Counting down! We will be heading to Tokyo in 10 days.

We will be staying at Citadines Shinjuku. It’s not on the main line, and we have to change on the Marunouchi (丸ノ内線) line to Shinjuku Gyoemmae (新宿御苑前駅) station. I have been doing research in Chinese and it’s mind boggling to translate the names from Chinese to English and vice versa. Plus the English words doesn’t seem to be quite the same, which is like name of places in Bangkok.

Citadines Shinjuku

We will be taking a night flight with ANA and reaching Tokyo at 7:25am. God help us that Alex will settle and sleep well during the plane and bus ride. The limousine bus ride will take us almost 2 hrs plus we will need to take a can from Shinjuku to our lodgings! We need God’s mercy indeed.

Admin note:

  1. Buy 2 2-way Limousine & Metro pass for adults at bus ticket counter. 6000¥ (S$87 each). (Not for child)
  2. Take 8:00am or 8:30am bus from Narita Terminal 1. Bus 11, station 2.
  3. Alight at Shinjuku station and cab to Citadines Shijuku.
  4. Estimated arrival time: 11am



4 responses to “Tokyo!

  1. Congrats on your pregnancy 🙂

    Do take care and have a enjoyable time in Tokyo.

    I hope I will be able to go next year when Victor starts to walk.

  2. Hi..
    May I know whether it is expensive to cab from shinjuku bus station to citadines?
    and did u face difficulty in telling the cab driver the place?

    • Hi von, it’s about S$17, if i rem correctly. There’s a language barrier, so what i did was to print out a map of the hotel n showed the cab driver.

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