Sunday school

Since Alex will be turning two this month and the church nursery he’s in is catered for toddlers till 24m, so it’s time that he graduate from it and promote to the play group (or sunday school). Yesterday was his 2nd time in play group… Both hb and I are taking turns to be with him coz it’s quite tiring!

The first 45mins are for free play, but we used this time to feed him dinner. He was quite happy roaming around and playing with cooking utensil toys. I let him be, but kept an eye on his adjustment and interactions with other kids.

Then it was circle time, though there are too many kids, hence everyone is sitting around in a classroom style. Followed by music & movement, bible verse and story time. Then the kids would go back to their respective group and learn about other things, like yesterday it was on body parts. From the circle time onwards, Alex lost interest. I think too many kids in a confined space which was overwhelming for him. He started to explore other parts of the room and was happy to see familiar faces. A bigger girl took fancy to him and actually dragged him to play with her! However my Alex is too feisty to settle down with that one girl and he escaped… LOL.

The only times that Alex would cooperate to a full T is during craft and snack time. There’s no surprise for snack coz this fella seem to have a second stomach for snack. The craft bit was surprising to me. Since he loves craft, I better start doing something with him at home and also send him to a once-a-week playgroup. I have no plan to send him to school so soon. I’m looking around but most probably will send him in Jan ’11 to start nursery. He’ll have many years of schooling ahead of him, so what’s more a few more months?


4 responses to “Sunday school

  1. Alex so lucky to have you to look after him full time. Sometimes I really feel guilty of letting Ethan to stay in CC full day.

    But I really dun have the energy to look after him myself.

  2. j, u r still around? when’s the little one coming out? lmk when u give birth! =)

    dun feel too bad. It’s necc adjustment for E coz no.2 is coming.

  3. Yeah I am popping in 3 days time 🙂

  4. good luck with yr delivery. Shall visit u when u hv settled down with bb 2. =)

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