The Ps & Qs

Radio silence…

Alex caught a fever early this week. As it came so suddenly, it went away pretty fast. I attribute it to the Sambucus supplement that I gave him just once. This stuff works amazingly. His fever always gone down pretty fast with just 1 or 2 dosage. Other than cabin fever tantrums that he threw… he has learnt how to say, Peeessss. =)

Me? I have been feeling nauseous or became more sensitive to smell, but I’m quite sure I’m not P!*shrug* In the meanwhile, I will be quite busy, coz we are doing some works around the house, then clear his room and to set up his room…. We are going to throw a little cosy Playdough and Pizza party for his 2yo birthday end this month! WhoooPeee!

Excuse me while I make my way to the bathroom to slough off some dead skin. Oh dear, is that TMI?


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