Happy metal tiger year!

To all my friends and readers, here’s a happy metal tiger year!  恭祝大家虎虎生威,虎福临门,虎年有余!虎虎虎虎虎!

Alex had a good time today. He thinks oranges are balls till I told him its a “mum-mum” for food and he bit into the skin to taste! He is unfazed with many unfamiliar faces and quite friendly with everyone after he woke up from his nap. Before his nap, of course it was another story.

He also made his paternal grandma’s day by wearing the traditional costume (so handsome, my MIL exclaimed) and calling her “ma-ma” in Cantonese. He could already long called the other grandparents,  Ah-ma, gom (ah-gong) and ye-ye.

How time flies. Alex will be 2yo next month. I took a photo of him napping in his ultraman pose. He used to pose like it during his younger days. I just had to look into my photo archive and find an older photo of him in the same pose for comparison. Looking back, I am amazed with the cute bulb that we have produced. =D


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