Car accident

I got into a car accident yesterday. My car bumped slightly into the car infront.  TG that no one was hurt which was what matters mos, coz MIL and Alex was in the car as well.

The accident was my fault as I assumed the other party’s car had moved off. I didn’t check again when I started the car, and turned out that she had stopped again.

It was my first car accident and I didn’t know what the right procedure is. On the first look  shown no damage to the Korean lady’s car and I took photos from different angles just to make sure. I also thought that since there is nothing wrong with her car, then we both should be able to get on our way. The lady insisted that there could be internal damage to the car, which is beyond me and perplexing as well. After consulting FIL, who was at home nearby and rushed to the scene, we traded our contacts and the agreement is she should send her car to IDAC for an assessment the next day. If there is further damage, then we can either go for insurance claim or do the settlement privately.

So I was quite stressed about this matter and wondered what the outcome could be. There goes my CNY mood, I thought. I cancelled my afternoon appointments to see how we should proceed. Surprisingly, when I called her to check on the status, she said her husband said need not pursue the matter and I was even  more surprised when she apologised to me that she shouted at me.  =) I’m very thankful that this matter is closed. What a huge relief. =)


2 responses to “Car accident

  1. Thank goodness your family and you are okay 🙂
    And its so nice of the korean lady not to pursue. Can carry on to enjoy your CNY!

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