Remedies for HFMD

Today is day 6 for Alex’s HFMD and thankfully he’s on the road to mend. No new blisters and the old ones are healing. Hb is showing some mild symptoms. Just spotted a new blister on his hand. Eeps…

There’s no medicine for the HFMD virus however from talking to friend and checking around, there are stuffs that a parent can give her child to make him feel better.

  1. I applied California Baby calendula cream all over Alex’s body to sooth his skin. A little of the cream goes a long way.
  2. Take Nature way Sambucus. It generally helps the body to bounce back quicker.
  3. Take Bioforce Calendula Complex to heal the ulcers. Friend and her friends swear by this product. It requires a few drops of the liquid to mix into water for gargling. However I didn’t give Alex coz he doesn’t know how to gargle yet and of the alcohol content.
  4. Take Vitamin C to promote faster healing
  5. Alternatively take homemade barley water. This works on my hb.

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