The accused acquitted

Alex’s fever has gone down today, however he has some rashes on his body and developed “stool” issue, so we’ll bring him to see a PD tomorrow.

I am feeling guilty as I type this. I was busy trying to get together the dinner in time and had to check on him now and then to see what’s he up to and the state of his diaper. He was playing in our room when he was suddenly quiet. I found out that he had the diaper cream in one hand and was trying to get the wipe container with the other. I was worried that he had ingested the cream and snatched the stuff from him. He didn’t like that I snatched stuff from him or anyone for the matter, and he hit my hand. Which mother wouldn’t be annoyed and so I immediately made him stand in his time-out corner. Then oh boy, he was so angry and howled. After serving his time out, I asked him to come to give me a hug and say he’s sorry. He not only would not budge and went on howling. It was then it occurred to me to check his diaper and indeed he has pooped. He must be trying to get me the stuff to clean him up. I apologised to him and hugged him tight. It took a while to calm down this anguished boy.

So you can imagine how bad I felt. Mummy is sorry to you, darling boy. =(


2 responses to “The accused acquitted

  1. Ash,
    There is no need to feel guilty.

    I made the same mistake before. Erica pooed and took the wipes and started pulling out 1 by 1 one noon. Got punished by me and refused to stop crying, till the familar smell of poo seem to be ard her. This is when i realized my gal is capable of sequencing events and gaining more independence each day.

    Our kiddos are growing up. 🙂

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