MMR induced fever

As I am typing this, Alex is having a 38.5c fever. I reckon it’s the side effects from the MMR jab he took last week. I thought since it’s day 6 already, he should be home free with the side effects. Guess not huh. He never had any problem with vaccinations, usually just a mild raise in temperature, so this came as a not-so-pleasant surprise to me. I informed friends’ kids whom we spent the morning with and I gotta keep monitoring him. Now I need to go and have some rest.

Side effects of MMR (excerpts from UK website)

* Six to ten days after the immunisation, as the measles part of the vaccine starts to work, about one in ten children may develop a fever and some develop a measles-like rash and go off their food.
* About one in every 1000 immunised children may have a fit caused by a fever. This is called a ‘febrile convulsion’. However, if a child who has not been immunised gets measles, they are five times more likely to have a fit.
* Rarely, children may get mumps-like symptoms (fever and swollen glands) about three weeks after their immunisation as the mumps part of the vaccine starts to work.


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