Bridge over troubled water

I brought Alex for a walk downstairs at times. At times he behaved like an animal out of the cage and dashed about. Lucky for me, he’s a pretty cautious boy so it’s all manageable.

He likes to look at the neighbourhood animals, mainly cats and pigeons. He steps on fallen leave to hear the rustle or picked up a specimen to examine. He plays peekaboo with me using pillars. He is unhappy whenever I ignored his pleas to play with public phone.

Today we had some fun observing water in drains. A worker was washing flooring nearby and the water rushed down and through the drain. He noticed the sound, looked down into the drain and told me “ter, ter”. Look at the water, mom! He has never seen something like that. His curiosity struck me and we went around looking for more water at other drains. It was cute to watch him peer down other drains trying to locate more water. He already shows that he has quite a bit of imagination and I hope to make his curiosity level grows. Afterall he is mummy’s little explorer. =)

An “old” pic of Alex when he 15m, but he’s not much diff except for the hair. šŸ˜‰


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