I’m in such good mood these two days. May my mood stay this way for long!

First of all it started with a Samaritan yesterday. He helped me to carry the stroller + Alex + heavy bag down a few flights of staircase. I thanked him profusely and told him that it was the first time that people had helped me in this way. He did exclaim at the attitudes of Singaporeans and I don’t exaggerate about help un-rendered to me. Many-a-times I just let such actions slipped past me and thinking it’s just another day with another fellow Singaporean. I hope to pass on his kindness!

Today I was able to spend 5 hrs in Orchard Road with a restful and completely sleep-trained Alex. It was my first attempt on a whim to make him sleep in his stroller and he did it in record time. Well, first attempt definitely marked a record time. *whistles* He hasn’t done so since he was around 6mths. So instead of shuttling to and fro home according to his sleep times like we used to, I think we are ready to roam alloverdeplace for a longer time. =)

Then I had my favourite herbal chicken from JB with a big thanks to my MIL who bought dinner back for us.

Happiness are made up of simple and un-fluffed events. Like how this liner goes in a book that I have read, “These perfect pieces of an ordinary life on the plainest day”.

Be blessed.


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